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Social media marketing may not be for everyone


Social media marketing may not be for everyone. Before jumping headfirst into the social media rabbit hole, consider whether SMM will fit your business, and if so, which channel (or channels) you should use.
Here are the main considerations you should take into account:
Target market. Does your ideal audience use social media? If the answer is hell, no! then there is no point in wasting time and money.
Public reach. Social media blurs the lines between personal and public content. Users can rate and slate your business very quickly and visibly, so just make sure you have nothing to be ashamed of. Your reputation and credibility are in their hands. Also, since you have greater access to a user’s interests and behaviors, you need to be careful about how you use this data.
Instant communication. When social media strategies are put in place, communicating in a traditional way becomes a thing of the past. Your interactions with consumers are no longer monitored, controlled, or carefully managed, as the process is much faster. This does give your brand a more human, approachable feel but it also means slip-ups can happen easily. So be careful if your content manager is in a bad mood!
Ongoing nature. Social media is not a six-week campaign—it has a calendar with no endpoint. That can be quite a scary thought, but by continually adjusting goals and tweaking objectives, the process becomes far less intimidating. Deep breaths.

Ref: The Art of Digital Marketing , The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic,
Targeted and Measurable Online Campaigns, by Ian Dodson

For a fairytale ending like this you will need to get some specific goals in
place. These may include:
Business goals like lead generation, sales, and cost reduction.
Customer service goals like consumer satisfaction and the chance of
referrals/repeat business.
Product goals, such as research, design, and enhancement.
Communication goals to build your brand personality and reputation (with
an effective crisis management strategy in place).
Marketing goals, such as branding, awareness, and engagement.

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